A good way to learn to speak Spanish fluently???

I really want to be able to speak Spanish fluently but I don’t really have the time or money to take Spanish classes. I’ve had a lot of Brazilian friends so I can understand some Portuguese which I know is very similar to Spanish. How can I learn to speak Spanish fluently!?

Also, how do I ask "So who is your lab partner?" in Spanish.


  1. Make friends/hang out with spanish-speakers- this is the best way to learn a language! Also, try to watch spanish TV, read spanish books.

    good luck!! :]

    who is your lab partner: "quien es tu pareja de laboratorio?"

  2. i can help you! i don’t know how much spanish will you be able to understand.. but i’m from Spain and so i can speak spanish with you via msn if you want.

    contact me and i’ll give you my msn adress

    ah yes and the sentence you want to translate is:
    ¿Quién es tu compañero de laboratorio?

    eduardo m
  3. the VERY best way is definitely to hang around fluent Spanish speakers. think about when you were a toddler learning to speak english.. you learned english by having heard it since you were born and then eventually learning to mimic the sounds when you learned how to talk.. same thing here.. another good idea already mentioned is to watch a movie with spanish subtitles

    Nathan A

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