Am I right for getting annoyed at someone trying to speak Spanish ?

Because of my job I deal with people from different Countries, I’ve found out that I get annoyed by people greeting me or even trying to start a conversation in Spanish, but most people are unable to carry on with a conversation, and that makes it really awkward ,It think this is patronizing am I overreacting?


  1. Do you speak spanish? lol I have a spanish last name from my father but I don’t see any of my hispanic side of the family, I was raised in a big Italian family. So I don’t speak any Spanish and when people see or hear my last name they automatically assume I speak spanish and start trying to talk to me..that annoys the hell out of me.

    Audri Rose
  2. Why do people want to start a conversation with you in Spanish in the first place? and why should you be annoyed instead of being happy that someone is trying out another language. People have to practice in order to get fluent. I speak many different languages and I had to practice each and every one of them before fluency. How many languages do you speak? Maybe only one? I don’t have enough info in your question to answer properly.

  3. I get annoyed too, I used to work at walmart and had a spanish woman come through my line who didn’t speak a word of english. She purchased just a couple of items totalling like 11.00 dollars or so and when i handed her her change and said thank you she started making some odd gestures with her hands like 2 and 5 and making scrunched up confused faces, so I counted out the change again to make sure I didn’t make a mistake and she continued on with the gestures. Had no clue what she wanted. Apparently she wanted two fives which would have been obvious if the change I had given here equaled 10 dollars or more but it was only nine and some change. I felt really bad for the woman but then again i think, I really shouldn’t have to know spanish to work a minimum wage job. Long story i know but i think it fits without being rude

  4. If I understand you, you’re fluent in Spanish, perhaps in a Spanish-speaking country, and you get annoyed when people practice their Spanish on you but they aren’t fluent. I guess you don’t belong in a job dealing with international customers then. Correct me if I’ve misunderstood your situation.

    I like practicing different languages when I travel. If I can’t keep up, then we can switch to a language that works better. But as a general rule I’ve found people supportive and willing to work with me even when I’m struggling, even if they actually speak English.

    And some of the most fun I’ve had has been when we were speaking a language foreign to both of us and we’re both… being… very… careful. I’ve conducted transactions in Italian with Germans, French with Italians, and Spanish with French. It didn’t matter that we couldn’t have a fluent conversation. We could get the business done.

    Randy P

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