An easy inexpensive way to learn to speak Spanish fluently?

Well I know the basics and a little more, but I would like to become fluent in speaking spanish. Is there a computer porgram or some way to do so that any one would suggest ?


  1. If you know the basics, you are already at an advantage. Learn a few, say 5 words a day, and increase as you start to develop the "feel" of the language, where you would just automatically be able to absorb more. Start watching spanish channels, spanish radio, and observe spanish speakers, and try to make sense of it.

  2. Stay away from the computer, you won’t learn anything there.

    The best way to pick up spanish is to go out there and actually hear it being used and speak it as well. I learned spanish as a second language at home, both of my parents are latino, but they sometimes made it harder by talking in spanglish, which doesn’t help you. What I found useful was watching spanish television shows (the occasional novela) and that’s how I got my flow going.

  3. well i sugges tyou that you can use books or you can join to an Spanish academy .. i speak spanish fluently you can talk with me and improve more your spanish

    i live in Venezuela 🙂


    Mario Copello
  4. The only way to speak spanish fluently is to speak spanish haha i mean with someone who does or be hearing spanish all time if u want i can help u i speak spanish nd we can put in contact.. so if u want let me know.

    Take care bye!!


    Holaaa soy MajOoO!!
  5. Since you know the basics find some native speakers to practice with, read news papers that are in Spanish, listen to latino music ( I really like Ana Gabriel) ¡Buena Suerte!

  6. Visit the latino quarter in town and make friends with nice people!

    Best best is to spend the time you are transporting yourself to and from work constructively, lots of people take up learning a language while in transport and so can you.

    Or marry someone from Spain. It will be like living with the teacher.

  7. In California, the Long Beach Public Library offers all the Rosetta Stone courses on line at no cost (I am not sure of their URL; it may be While I am not completely sure of this, I think anyone on the net can access it.

    I have not been able to examine any of the Rosetta Stone courses, so I cannot evaluate them for their effectiveness.

    Harleigh Kyson Jr.


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