Any ideas as to a mexican, spanish, latin, love song to sing at a church valentine banquet?

I have been asked to sing a song at the annual church valentine banquet. The theme is la fiesta and the song needs to fit with that theme. I don’t speak spanish so I don’t know where to start….PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

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  1. Instead of trying to sing a song in Spanish, why don’t you consider singing a Latin-genre song in English? Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez/Shakira/Christina Aguilera all have love songs that are in both English and Spanish and you’re probably already familiar with them. If you’re feeling more adventurous, maybe you could sing the Spanish versions of the songs. If you’re not up to that, maybe you could sing in English and throw in a few verses in Spanish.

    If you’re going to sing the whole song in Spanish, Marc Anthony’s salsa is really good and "fun" for a "Fiesta" theme. Que Precio Tiene el Cielo and Valio La Pena are good choices.


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