Any ideas on a mexican spanish first name with an american english middle name?

I want girl and boy names bc i am not prego yet but I am trying to conceive. The father is mexican and i am white american. I want my child to have a spanish first name and an english middle name that goes together good. Any ideas??


  1. These are my favourites –
    Adriana Rebecca ‘Last Name’
    Clarisa Amelia ‘Last Name’
    Isabela Freya ‘Last Name’
    Jeronimo Harrison ‘Last Name’
    Ponce Lewis ‘Last Name’
    Alberto Robert ‘Last Name’


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  2. I am white/canadian .. my fiance is mexican/american lol.
    We named our daughter Ava Laurelle (last name Ortiz), our backup name was Sofia Rose (or Rosealie, or Rosaline)
    Ava is a latin name in Origin, therefore is in keeping with a hispanic/latino name.
    As are Sofia and also Rose and Rosealie etc.
    Isabella is also a popular hispanic name. Perhaps Ava Isabella .. Isabella Rose …

    Adriana is alot of the time listed as being a latin name in origin, but alot of the time also as Italian .. the name itself actually means Person From Hadria (Northern Italy)
    I hate that name with a passion, but thats just my preferences.

    Boy names … I really wanted to use Damian Michael (Ortiz) which is my fiances last name.

    Copy and paste this into your browser, and read these hispanic boy names, hope it helps you out:

    PS. I personally think that hispanic/white mixed children are the cutest ! 😉


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