Anyone else out there a descendant of the original Mexican/Spanish settlers of California?


  1. Hey, Chuy.. I don’t have early Calif ancestry, but did grow up in the Los Angeles area. Odds are that I would know your name if I heard it (and maybe knew some of your relatives). Your question brought back some memories for me.
    One tip when doing any genealogy question is to tuck the name and locality and time frame in there. Someone might find a big piece of your history that way. For the most part, this area of yahoo answers has a lot of new researchers, just getting into it. What we do often have is a specific location online to refer you to… ie research on the Sepulveda family, or how to run down Calif land grants.
    Come on in, the water is fine.

    wendy c
  2. You would likely find wider exposure for your interest at or’s special interest, surname or locality message boards. While you’re here, is there a genealogy question we may try to help with?


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