1. Well, the language is called *Spanish* and you can take classes at any community college around, and many community schools. They’re all over the place… even try asking at your local library.

    If, however, you are interested in learning Mexican Spanish in particular (which is a dialect, not a language), there are many schools in Mexico which teach Spanish to English-speakers and have lovely immersion programs. I participated in one two years ago and it did me a world of good! I would be happy to send you a link to the school’s site if you like.

  2. Spanish Eduardo, Spanish. I went to Mexico, lived on top of a hotel and went to classes there in Mexico and it was pretty inexpensive. Another more realistic approach for you would be to buy the Rosetta stone software. Very nice software but still $400-$500 for level 1-3 on Ebay. If you try and you go through the software you will learn. (Can actually grade what you say in the microphone)

    Also doesnt hurt to hang out with people who speak Espanol. Y Recordes dicer a la mujeres, estan fea y gorda. Entonces, dices eres muy guapa. Mujeres tienen amor por este aqui en Estados Unidos.

    Buena Suerte

  3. I disagree, slightly. I think that unto itself, Mexico does contain and issue forth its own brand of Spanish, and we could if we want call this Mexican. I think by now Mexico is specific enough and grandiose enough in the collective conscious to have its variation singled out in some respects. So, the best way to learn Mexican is to wander around Mexico, pay attention and practice, practice, practice.

  4. If Mexican Spanish is what you mean, then move to Texas near the border or to California near the border, that’s where you hear the majority of folks speaking Mexican Spanish.

  5. You can’t speak Mexican since as a language doesn’t exist. If you want to learn to speak Spanish with a Mexican accent and expressions, find Mexicans where you live and hang out with them. Other than that, go to Mexico and learn the language there.


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