Are Mexicans really demanding that we speak Spanish?

I’ve heard some people say, "They’re demanding that we speak their language." Granted, usually those are privileged white people who never talk to Mexicans.

But, I’ve never met a Mexcian who demanded that I need to speak Spanish.

Have any of you?


  1. I am of Mexican decent. And that is the stupidest thing Ive ever heard. NO Mexicans are demanding no such thing. My father came to this country to make a better life for himself. He learned to speak English. He worked his ass off to get what he has now. BUT, he never demanded anything. He did it the old fashioned way. He earned it.

  2. Not me. If he did, he was speaking Spanish and I didn’t understand a word of it.

    A shopkeeper I couldn’t understand in Ensenada just wrote down the price on a sheet of paper, in US dollars that I had to pay him. I was buying a comic book… "Los Cuatro Fantasticos!"

  3. never heard of that.. sore subject with me.. i think if your gonna live in the united states.. its up to YOU to learn OUR language.. not the other way around!

  4. Absolutely, in California they mandate that my legal disclosures for employment forms be presented in English and Spanish, our ballots are available in both, its stupid and a waste of money.

  5. Nope. Although I have had a few just start speaking to me in Spanish just because they didn’t speak English. I can understand them pretty well, though, because where I’m from, it’s almost spoken as much as English.

  6. No, nor have I encountered anyone that did not make an effort to speak in English to me…although I will speak in Spanish to them if I’m in the mood or think it will help us communicate better…

    Nancy Kay
  7. It is a respect thing.

    When I lived in Italy I spoke Italian. I butchered the language on several occasions but most Italians appreciated that I tried.

    When I traveled to any other countries I tried to speak their language.

    I think I deserve the same respect I have and would still give others.

  8. No . . . one might say there is a demand for Spanish speaking businesses, but that is more in reference to the economic principle of demand than any sort of personal demand on the part of any Mexican group. Naturally, if a business owner perceives that he can expand his customer bas by offering spanish language services, he will do so if at all feasible. Supplying the demand 🙂

  9. No, Mexican Americans are not demanding that anyone speak their language. With a rapidly growing population of Latino Americans, they should make efforts to learn the English language, but Americans should also be open to learning some Spanish and being patient with those who do not entirely have a grasp on the English language just yet.

    S G
  10. maybe that haven’t come straight out and say it but the definitely have stomped enough feet to get bilingual signs and labels along with several TV channels… and just to clear the record I’m white but not privileged. I think we should not be making things bilingual this America we speak English.

  11. Well, they are demanding that we translate our public service signs into spanish, something we would not need to do if they would learn english. There is already a law on the books in the USA that there have to be bilingual medical people at the ER in case Mexicans or others come in. If they learned english this would not have to be. Plus, they talk about whites in public by jabbering away about you in spanish, which is really rude. I always ask "Are you telling secrets again?"

    stick man
  12. Outside of the crazy racists in the La Raza and Aztlan movements, no, not really. There are many illegal immigrants from spanish-speaking countries (not just Mexico, by a long shot) who choose not to learn English, or who persist in using Spanish as much as possible. Typically, they are in communities where native Spanish-speakers (most of whom probably speak English) are in the majority.

    It’s not that they demand we learn Spanish, it’s that they seek out communities where Spanish is widely spoken – which increases the prevelence of Spanish in those communities.

    The growing numbers of native Spanish speakers has also led marketers to target that demographic with Spanish-language adds and products.

    Adding to the perception of this, many companies make products for sale in more than one country, and design labels with two or more languages, rather than a label for each country. When such products are distributed in America, it can cause some confusion.

  13. Maybe some of them are, after all some Mexicans still claim the territory the US acquired from the Mexican-American War is rightfully theres. The fact is the United States has no official language. I think the people who state that are trying to express their disapproval of things such as the Bilingual Education Act and the cost of the translation and printing of official documents in multiple languages. ¿Por qué no podemos todos nos caer bien?

    Andy S
  14. No I’ve never heard of any mexican that live here in the U.S say anything like that but i do know plenty who have come here and learn how to speak english very well . I think if you really want to learn something you would it’s just how we are in this country where you have to learn in order to function.

  15. No at all. They really did lie to you. They are ignorant to think that only Mexicans speak Spanish and to lie that they are demanding that.

    And no I never heard that non-sense, just people who want others inflamed against Mexicans, and then people bash them. . .

  16. Not neccessarily a mexican, but I have had hispanics tell me that I need to learn spanish…it happened to me not long ago in home depot…she wont ever tell me that again I assure you…

  17. No Hispanics don’t demand you learn or speak Spanish. In fact more than 90% believe it is important to learn English and that is among all of the community not just the legal ones. Learning English takes a long time, it is the second hardest language to learn in the world. It is similar to us trying to learn Chinese…you would need help until you learn and you will not learn in a few months.

  18. Its really funny if you think about it – they want you to speak Spanish the language of conquest. They were forced by the Europeans to speak Spanish by the Spaniards many years ago. They were conquered now they want to conquer.

  19. Actually yes some do. In south Texas as anurse I’ve been yelled at multiple times for not speaking Spanish by patients and families. Nevermind that I’m trying till communicate in Spanish..they don’t feel they should have to try and speak English. I don’t get that logic.


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