Are Police Officers required to speak Spanish as a second language?

Is the requirement limited to only Spanish? I would want to be sure before I enroll in a class
Thank you for the answers.


  1. No it is not required, but if you are working or living in an area with a high spanish population it would be helpful. Being bilingual in any language can be helpful in obtaining employment where there is a population of people who speak the other language you are fluent in.

    Enrolling in one class will only teach you the basics of spanish. It can take a few years of taking a foreign language before you are going to need to take a class on actually speaking the language. The first couple of years is more concentrated on writing and reading. It will help though with a basic understanding of what a person who has no English is trying to communicate.

  2. I don’t think it is mandatory but for the police officers in the USA would be very useful to know as there are over 35 million people who speak Spanish there, actually it is spoken by the 15% of the whole country, much more spoken than any other foreign language by far (Chinese is the third most spoken language with only the 0.77%)

    that makes Spanish the second language of the US after English

    Therefore Spanish must be logically the language most fomented and promoted to learn for the police in the U.S. as they can really need it


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