are some mexicans ashame to speak spanish?

because today i went to the store and this lady only talk spanish and the cashier was so mean to her and act like she did not know spanish.
any way i went back because she made a mistake and the manager talk to her in spanish. in my head i was like wtf so know your cool to talk spanish. by the way it was a mexican grocery.
oh and she sick look like a latina.


  1. Yes, some Mexicans are ashamed to speak Spanish. I think it has a lot to do with culture and how they grow up. I’ve seen some Spanish speaking friends of mine try to assimilate themselves into the English only environment and they seem to feel like they’re too "cool" to speak Spanish. Also, there are many negative stereotypes that come along with being a Mexican and some people try to run away from those.

  2. i don’t think so she probably thought she was better than her because she knows English or she did not want to deal with her so she pretended not to know Spanish to me this is pretty sad how people can be at times.

  3. two possibilites
    1. She spoke some local dialect that is hard for other people to undertand
    2. she is trying to hide her background to be more "American" I have encoutnered one hispanic who got angry at me for speaking to her in spanish. I’ve also encountered an Egypian woman who was agry becuse I said hi in arabic- crazy. If this is the case then she should not have applied for a job at a hispanic grociery store- where you will have hispanic customers.

  4. I was asking the same question…once being in Houston.

    My English was too bad and i was trying to ask some questions en Español …when too many mexicans were telling me ¡I don’t speak Spanish!

    p.s. ¡oh…please!


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