Are there 5th generation or 6th generation hispanics that speak spanish?

Is there young hispanics age 2 to 25 who speak spanish but they are. 4 to 5th generation american and are not the offspring of immigrants but their families have kept spanish in their family for 5 generations and is this rare?


  1. Yes. For example, in New Mexico and other states annexed from Mexico, there are Hispanic families who are descendants of Spanish colonists. The families have been there since before the US was a country, and some of them even gave money to George Washington’s war of independence. They are proud of their Hispanic heritage, and they strive to maintain their history and traditions while being loyal citizens of the United States. The younger generations are not immigrants, but many of them retain their Spanish language and culture along with the English language.

  2. What would be the point of calling them Hispanic if they don’t speak spanish?

    And if they are american but not offspring of immigrants, that would make them native-american, right?


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