Are there any popular Youtube vloggers who speak spanish?

Most popular youtube stars are ones who speak English and are American. Are there any that are popular to Spanish speakers or any other language?


  1. Nope! Lol.
    Most of the YouTube community is in the USA, with a few others from other countries.
    But as you can see, most partners speak English, and that’s just how it is, lol.

    daziya11 on YouTube![;
  2. Hey.
    Well calle 13 is spanish and he has some nice spanish songs.
    Search for him on youtube. Some of his songs are also translated if you type in english lyrics after that.

    I want 100% correct answers only
  3. Well, first of all I think you (the one who asked this) already knew that Calle 13 is a latin guy who sings I think reggaeton… haha I don’t really like him, he is a doucheeebaggg
    Oh, and you guys SHOULDN’T really SHOULD NOT give out opinions if you don’t have the slightest idea of this!
    But, there are a lot of mexican vloggers.. I don’t know if there are spanish…
    …. Theres are “canales colaborativos” on youtube in spanish called Latinvlogs, and there is another called Mexivlogs… of course the first one is latin vloggers, and the second one is only mexican vloggers. And apart from that there are A LOT of other Hispanohablantes-vlogs.
    So chek them out. They are really cool 🙂
    … Ademas, si estas buscando vloggers en español.. quiere decir que hablas español… no?? Para que te hablo en ingles hahahah
    Espero que te haya ayudado

  4. Im from mexico.. And we like
    Yayo gutierrez

    The Alejandro hernandez show – from venezuela
    Pablo vlog – spain

    There are so many…


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