Are you a Mexican and can't speak spanish?

Ok I’m confused on how some mexicans that dont speak spanish but can understand it. I see how mexicans can just not kno spanish my mom is samoan and doesnt know that language. but how can u understand a language u cant speak?


  1. because it is easy to understand than to speak. you have to think about all the confusing grammar rules and vocabulory before speaking. but to understand you just receive and brain accepts and understands

  2. Entiendo muy bien Espanol, pero no hablo espanol. I dunno but my grand mother was from Puerto Rico and I understand spanish from her, but I can’t speak it back for some weird reason.

  3. My friend can’t speak… Indi? I’m not sure. But she can understand it when her dad talks to his relatives, so she lets her mom in on some of it. (Her dad is from India, she is adopted from India, her mom is from the US.). She can hear the words and understand them but she wouldn’t be able to put them in a sentence. She could, but it would be barely understandable.


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