Are you feeling the pressure at work to learn to speak Spanish?

Have you been turned down for a promotion because your not bi-lingual?


  1. Its a myth perpetuated by mainly white middle class liberals that there is need to be bilingual. DONT BELEIVE THE HYPE !!!! People should be compelled to learn the national language which in this case happens to be English . Is that to much to ask ? Stand your ground.!!!!!

  2. No but, although i think spanish is a wonderful language. comming from england and moving here, sometimes i wonder where i am! i feel like im in a foreign country! i would love to speak and communicate with people in spanish. but boy its hard being an english speaking person and for that ( i speak the queens english) and living in america! its crazy!

  3. HAHAHAHA. That’s too bad for you, you didn’t really expect to live in a continent with 90% of the people speaking Spanish and still not pick a little of it, or did you?

  4. No, I own my own business and work from home. But in our local newspaper, 3/4ths of the clerical jobs that are advertised state: "Prefer bilingual", or "must be bilingual". Since when did Spanish become the native language of the United States?

  5. Not a problem in my job, someone does not listen, my 4 legged land shark, speaks all languages, and people do listen and learn fast..???

  6. i don’t understand this question… ok, so what makes you eligible for a job or a promotion….qualifications right??

    so, if someone who has a Ph.D. in English, and a high school graduate both apply for a teaching job…who do you think will get it?? we don’t get mad at the Ph.D. person, do we??

    speaking Spanish is simply another qualification that is useful at some jobs, and not at others. if you work at a job where speaking spanish is useful…ie) an international company, then why the heck wouldn’t you want to learn it so you could do your job better?

    are you afraid you can’t learn it? you don’t think american companies should ever do business with anyone other than english speaking countries? what exactly is your reason for not wanting to learn spanish?

    and if you work as a cashier at the local 7-11 and your getting pressure to learn spanish…well in that case, i would agree with you…learning the language, or missing out on a promotion, simply to provide customer service to spanish speakers already in the US is something to get mad about. so…i guess i can understand you there. but if we are talking about any kind of cooperate job…well, i think it’s just another qualification that gives some people an advantage….and if they’ve got the qualifications and you don’t, well…what do you expect? and if they are offering you the chance to learn, and you turn them down…what does that say about your work ethic and your dedication?

  7. I had to learn spanish to negotiate a large merger between two high ranking multi national corporations last week. It was a good thing that I did.

    slack action
  8. With all due respect, if you are in some kind of job where you need to be able to speak Spanish to be competative …find another job.

    The only reason to speak Spanish is because you are working with people who are not here legally. I wouldn’t want to do that and no American should have to do so either.

    I actually do speak Spanish pretty well but I am losing it because I refuse to use it anymore. I use to help stupnickel braceros buy their hardware and get answers in the hardware stores cuz no one else could understand them but I don’t do that anymore.
    If they want to be here then get here legally and learn English.

    No other way I can think of for them to learn unless it is from faltering and failing in society. They will see the importance of learning English.

    Legally, if someone where to even suggest that I must learn Spanish to compete for a job, I"d be all over that with a legal beagle or I’d leave the job.

    My best wishes of good luck and fortune to you …as well as to the rest of us if this is the sign of the times.

  9. No pressure! People should learn to speak English! We have our own business and our client all speak English becasue they deal with the English speaking public.

    The only reason I might learn is to combat all the people that live in my area that are speaking Spanish when they can speak English. I had a lady SIT ON MY FEET at Disneyland while I was waiting for a parade and saving a spot for family. She PRETENDED to only speak Spanish when I told her to get off my feet. Later she spoke perfect English to someone else!

    We also have an 800# that is SLIGHTLY similar to Pacific Bell (spanish). I get wrong #s where the first thing they ask is "do you speak Spanish?" I say no. They can’t dial a phone and they don’t speak English. It’s frustrating.

  10. Hell no, and if I did feel that kind of pressure, I’d tell my boss exactly where she could shove her Spanish, and I’d say it in French!

  11. I have felt pressure to learn the Spanish language since I was in 2nd grade. Even though I know Spanish I don’t tell my employer or co-workers I’m bi-lingual.

    Gianna M
  12. No, that’s never going to happen where I work. In fact, the people I work for can barely speak English and it’s their native language.
    Around here (Boston area), Portuguese is spoken almost as much as Spanish. There’s a huge Brazilian community in Massachusetts; however, they seem much more willing to learn
    English than their Spanish-speaking brethren.

  13. Yep, I have felt pressured into learning Spanish and I have been turned down for jobs because I don’t speak it. Do I learn Spanish? No, because I don’t believe I should have to. This is an English speaking country, not a Spanish speaking one. If Hispanics want to come here, the least they could do is speak English.


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