As a mexican tourist, should I speak english with everybody?

Im planning to visit California, and I know there are a lot of people who speak spanish.

English is the official language, but I dont know if I should speak english with mexicans too.

Thanx in advance.


  1. I think you will just have to feel out the situation for each person you talk to. There are neighborhoods where most people speak Spanish, and there are carnicerias, taquerias, and other stores where the primary language is Spanish.

    On the other hand, there are people here who are 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation or later, who do not speak any Spanish, so don’t assume that any Latino you meet is a Spanish speaker.

    By the way, English is the unofficial language. Since so many people here speak Spanish, many services are available in that language. So if something bad happens, and you have to call the police or go to the hospital, if you can’t communicate your problem in English feel free to use Spanish. Almost certainly, there will either be someone who also speaks Spanish, or there will be translators available,

  2. You should speak English as that it the dominant language in the United States. But, if you’re dealing with someone who speaks Spanish then don’t hesitate to speak Spanish as well if the situation calls for that. I hope you enjoy your visit to my State.

    Richard B
  3. You dont necessarily have to speak english to everyone- i live in texas and you can pretty much tell who can speak spanish and who can’t, just listen to your gut. If you talking to someone who doesnt speak spanish, they arent going to be offended, theyll just say that they cant speak spanish. Hope this helps : )

  4. I can see you can write good English, so I assume you can speak it as well. It will be a good chance for you to practice your English, especially with those who don’t speak Spanish.

    Spanish is widely spoken in CA, and I suppose most people won’t react negatively to you speaking it, but some might get offended!!

    When I was visiting the US, sometimes I greeted the Hispanic workers in Spanish, and they liked it. I assume there wouldn’t be a problem if you speak to them in your own language.

    Finally, I was told an interesting "story" about California.. Two tourists were talking to each other in Japanese, and someone almost shouted at them: Don’t you know that this is California? Speak in Spanish please! 🙂


    Abu Ahmad
  5. You are lucky–you can speak Spanish and English–here’s some advice–when in Rome speak as the Romans do–in other words–if the people around you speak Spanish-speak Spanish–if they speak English-hey, speak English


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