As an American you must feel proud of your Mexican-Spanish heritage in the South West. Don't you?

When people refer to the U.S.A. as a Culture. That culture is rooted on several other cultures, like the Mormons, the Jews, the Pilgrims, The Dutch, the Germans, the Italians, the Rusians,,,( you name it).
But in the SouthWest were also the Germans, the Portuguese, the Russians, the Armenians, the Irish, the Mexicans, the Spanish colonization was a melting pot as well.
If you hate indigenous people, or poor people , just say it… But don’t mix concepts like Mexican ( Nation ) with racial, ethnic or other issues that are politically incorrect.
Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American U.S Citizens are loyal to the USA, but Proud of their cultural/ethnic/linguistic/heritage.. Do u agree with this?
The South West from Texas to California was rooted on Mexican-Spanish colonies.
Those Colonies are also the history, root, and identity of the USA in the West Coast.

We are America
American Society: Who are they? Think about what I wrote above… then rethink about american Society. Who needs more to assimilate into whom? People on you or you on the people?

We are America
The Social Classes:

Yes indeed… Aztecs exploited Chichimecas. Mexicans exploited Aztecs. Spainsh exploited Mexicans. other were also exploited like the Jews by the Egyptians, the Africans by the New Yorkers, etc…

At least not all countries practiced Slavery.
Cheap labor force is needed, but those cheap labor workers deserve more dignity… and that’s all about. Equal Human and Civil Rights.
Your Culture is my Culture. It is Ours. We created opur Culture together. E Pluribus Unum.

We are America & United We Stand, unless if you have problem with that!
We are. But among US stand Out The Mexicans…. I know many other hispanic minorities like Cubans or Puerto ricans are jealous about that.
But don’t worry U are also Latinos and Hispanos, and you are also Americans, like the Mexican Americans.
We Are.

We are America


  1. Thanks for enlightening some even though the majority would prefer to continue to hate and make blanket statements in regards to everyone who does not have "WHITE" skin color, but for some there is still hope

    La Gueta Micaela
  2. No I dont agree with this. They are certainly proud of their Mexican Culture but are making zero effort to assimilate into the American society. Instead of learning english, they ask that our schools teach their children in spanish. When my grand father immigrated here from Europe, he learned english. He didn’t ask for people to speak to him in his native language. Furthermore, the Mexican Culture is not one that I want around me. Guys he get drunk on Coronas on the weekends, and have absolutely no respect for women. Every damn time I pick up my local paper there is a sexual assault committed by a Mexican. Why don’t Mexicans just stay i Mexico and work on fixing their f….d up country instead of trying to ruin ours. Go HOME

  3. every culture is wonderful..
    now, considering this is said/asked in immigration.. please understand, illegal is illegal, no matter who comes from where. Come to this country.. but please, legally..
    Come, be American.. not Mexican American – French American – Polish American.. but AMERICAN!!! Learn to speak the language of this country, English.. but yes, also celebrate the language of your country! Honor our laws, and our Flag.. fly our flag above your own.. etc etc etc. Trust me, if any if us were to go to another country, would we be American Mexican – American French – American Polish..etc?? Would we not be expected to learn the language of the country we were in.. would we not need to honor their laws, fly their flag above our own.. etc..
    Come on here, get a reality check..
    When in Rome.. Get it??!!
    Now, am I begin politically incorrect here..
    Melting means becoming one.. seems to me that those coming here are refusing to become one with us, but rather.. want us to conform to their ways..

  4. We are American too,first ,last and always..
    I’m not sure what you are implying,Ive never even thought of hating people because they are poor or of another race/nationality/heritage than I am.That’s reprehensible to even suggest that. My ancestors were German merchants that came to the New World in 1702.they prospered and their business thrived.They became Americans in every sense of the word.I live in Scottsdale,AZ and I too am a proud American.I welcome anyone to this country that comes via the legal route,you cant break the laws of this country just because you don’t agree with them.
    I respect others cultures and I wonder why they cant respect mine .

  5. This is not just about the Mexican! But, since we are on the topic, I had one come into to work and we gave her a job. She was there long enough to secure her benefits through the state. This I know, because her case worker called and talk to us. As soon as she had the benefits, she never showed up again. hhmm…

    Where I live, we are one big giant melting pot. There are people from Africa, Cuba, Germany, Isreal and Iran. I have no problem with these people. Then I have some from El Salvador that come in off the street with their food stamp cards, buying stuff. Not to mention all the gang tattoos on them is ridiculous and the fact that they are as high as a kite, driving around, is unsafe! Then there are those that try to sell stolen stereo systems to our customers and employees.

    Why should those ones get to stay here? Because they are forcing us to go spend our hard earned money to replace what they have taken away? Is that supposed to be a benefit to them being here?

    Michele M
  6. Nothing wrong with wanting to remain true to your heritage etc,and I think most honest people know that’s not something most Americans disagree with. But some things are required of any society for it to remain a coherant whole,one of those is a common tongue. If I were to move to Mexico or any other place on Earth right now and demand that they print every govt document in my language and they learn my language in order to accomodate my needs they would tell me where I could put that and you know it. Asking people who wish to enter your country to do it only with your permission and according to your laws,and asking people to learn at a minimum the common language in order to be a permanent part of the society is not too much to ask.If these things were good enough for my grandparents when they left Poland to make America their new home then why is it too much to ask of current immigrants? I would say that 50% of my family even 70 years later speaks at least a little Polish, they are still quite proud of their heritage,including the courage it took their ancestors to uproot themselves from what they knew to come to America and make a better life for themselves and their descendants. But they are also proud of being Americans,they embrace America and what it has given them,they speak english because they know that the language helps bind us together just as much as the flag,they have fought for America and died for it. They are still Polish through and through but their first allegiance is to America because of all that it’s given them,the joy of looking back on their heritage and past,and seeing their home country finally free from communism again is a bonus.

    Jack The Ripper
  7. Anyway, you forgot about the Native Americans!! We were here first. So anywayzz…… truly this is our land and the white ppl messed it up. Thats is why most of our culture is alcholics. But not the ones who strive and do good!

  8. Yes.
    Most U.S legal immigrant residents are Mexicanos
    Most U.S Born Citizens are Mexicanos
    Most U.S Citizens from Latino descent are also Mexicanos.

    We are Proud.

    Igor M

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