Become more fluent as I speak spanish?

I can understand spanish. I can also understand a little bit of italian. However, spanish is my concern right now.

I can’t speak spanish though, it just doesn’t come out right. And I can’t process the words fast enough.

How can I get better? I want ADVICE.


  1. Try a book called "Spanish Without Toil" by Assimile; follow the directions and, above all, speak out loud all the time. you can buy the book alone or with recordings. The book by itself should be enough. you may discover that your Spanish is not quite what you hear every day; never mind: this is your foundation- you will be able to modify and add on later on! Little by little your lips, tongue and ears will correct more and more and get used to the pronunciation and the "music" of the language. Moreover, with the method that this book uses, you do get to be able to keep one foot on the "known" while venturing into the unknown. You must learn to create an automatic acceptance of differences between English and Spanish and, through speaking out loud as one would learn a song or a role in a play, you will create "automatisms" that will make it easy. Another similar, but way more costly, method would be to go to Berlitz for about 100 hours of private lessons. If you do, make sure that the teacher has you speak half the time. A mediocre teacher will speak too much while you have to sit passive with your head swimming! Once you feel a little better, try learning poetry, song lyrics or even great plays in Spanish. Everything you can do aloud will help.
    Good luck and have fun!

    paul h
  2. well, u should listen to music in spanish, talk to spanish speaker people
    watch tv in spanish and that kind of things, I’m as you are but I find it difficult to understand the english (I speak spanish and I learned english) I’m improving it because I love music in english and everything I told you.


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