Besides going to Mexico, where can I learn spanish the way that Mexicans speak it…?

and not the way they teach you in college. Because if you ask a Mexican how to say something, they say something different than what you learn in college.


  1. I think if you hang around Mexican people you have better chances of learning it the way you want. Please remember that Mexicans from different parts of Mexico speak it differently even as they are from the same country. Dialect, accent, significance of words , all of these vary from place to place in Mexico. So do you want to speak it how border town people speak it? Or do you want to speak it as people from Guadalajara? Or even maybe the way they speak it in Yucatan the peninsula of Mexico.
    Anyway, I think if you learn it as you would in college, you have an advantage over native speakers. You get to learn all the rules as to why something is said or written in such a way. We know it just because we do. We speak it, we write it because it’s second nature to us, but we would have a hard time explaining to you the rules.
    I say be open and just try to learn as much as you can from whoever you can, It will enrich your vocabulary.

    Don’t give up, keep trying and speak it as often as you can. The more you speak , the more you learn and the easier it becomes. Congratulations !!!!!!!!

    Peace and Love your way.

  2. You need to live here in California, visit or live in areas such as East L.A., Pico Rivera, Whittier, South Gate, etc… Living in and among them you will learn the different dialects

    C. J.
  3. Rosetta Stone is a really good computer program. It is used by the government to teach CIA agents. It also depends who is teaching you. If you are being taught by a Puerto Rican, they won’t know the colloqialisms. Also, most native speakers don’t know the correct grammar, so a native speaker might give you slang for the same word you learned in class.

  4. Ok man. Check this before deciding. Best standard Spanish speaking places are:
    Costa rica
    Worst ones:
    Spain (they don’t use simple past, they use Present perf for both)
    Argentina: Conjugation is way old fashion, they "chop" the verbs and not only that. They write exactly as they chop speak.
    The most common (and wrong way) spanish is taught all over the world and more in english speaking places is that Spanish is translated word by word.
    ie. I smoke = FUMO not "yo fumo".
    In english you have to place someone in order to know who "says so". In spanish we include the person in the verb. (At the end or last letter)
    FUMO = O stands for Yo
    FUMAS = TU
    FUMA = EL Ella and it
    FUMAMOS = Nosotros
    FUMAN= Ellos

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    hasoon z
  6. you need to hang around mexicans!

    Im taking a college spanish course and its the spanish (spain form) totally not what we use here in california or in mexico.

    Make sure you know how to distinguish proper spanish from slang!

    im a pro


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