Bi/multilingual poll: What languages do you speak at home?

We’re Mexican-American, but we speak TOTAL English at home. Only time we speak Spanish is when our dad is pissed and is lecturing us. So if we hear someone yelling like a guy from a Spanish soap opera, it only means one thing. We’re in trouble.
And we (the kids) can understand Spanish, but we can’t speak it. Talk to us in Spanish and we respond in English.


  1. Hi
    I’m an Asian I live in India.Nat language is Hindi and my mother tongue is a bit classical type of Hindi called Urdu.I love English much than any language.So, my fam uses Urdu-25%,Hindi-50%,Eng-25%
    Great Q!

  2. I am indian, both of my parents are indian, but i was born and raised in USA.

    My parents only speak punjabi, but I speak both punjabi, and english. I can’t read or write hindi or punjabi, but can understand both fluently. I just don’t really have a good accent in either of them, and I am not as comfortable speaking them because of the accent and because i am in school or other extra cirricular activities all the time, i am always speaking english.and yeah, sometimes, i do this: my parents talk to me in punjabi or hindi and i respond in english, but not all the time
    but i am actually trilingual: english, hindi, punjabi.

  3. I speak Japanese with my woman. Sometimes we use English. I grew up with a hillbilly type family that only uses English and hates all other languages. I’m the end of the line. I’m the generation that destroys the all-English ignorance. Anyway, a couple hundred years ago my ancestors would’ve been speaking Gaelic, but they got pwned by England.

  4. I live with my aunt and uncle and my aunt is Mexican American and my uncle is Mexican.. So we all speak English at home even to my uncle.. He understands but answers in Spanish

    who cares
  5. My family mostly speaks English or Indonesian. Never really bothers about it…but yeah, come to think of it WHY? We’re neither English nor Indonesian at all. Guess cos’ my father ended up in an Indo junior school during his childhood, so it got stucked to him. Besides, it’s an easier language to learn.

    My mom is like your dad. She would scold us (including my dad) in farsi (persian language) just so she can let it all out but none of us understand a word of it. It’s just an alarm that she’s unhappy.

    My indian dad only show off his tamil language skills when we went to indian restaurants… to speak to the waiters. The rest of us, doesn’t know it.

    We all can speak arabic too but never really used it.

    Black Rose

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