Can a Mexican-American ever speak Spanish as well as someone born and raised in Mexico?

I’ve noticed a lot of Mexican-Americans (either born and raised in the US or came to the US as a baby) are damn good at Spanish and can downright switch from an American accent in English to a Mexican accent in Spanish. But do they ever get so good they can fake out real Mexicans?


  1. I think it’s possible if they were raised to speak good Spanish and were surrounded by more Spanish than English.
    I speak decent Spanish, but i think if i went to Mexico, a few people will probably already suspect i’m from America because i pronounce some words a bit differently -_-

  2. Lot’s of persons learn english and come from all over the world to the USA and speak english.
    Can you tell where they are from when they speak? Of course we can. I know a spanish accent.
    I can tell when someone is from up north, and I also know those who come here from Louisiana.
    Can jun. The minute someone from California talks you know they are from California.
    So it would be very hard to disguise that.

  3. Of course they can it just takes time and practice. I have several friends here in Mexico that are Canadians and Americans that speak such perfect Spanish that everyone thinks they are Mexicans when they speak spanish. The biggest problem is exposure to the local language. Every part of Mexico with it’s vast culture speaks different. They use different words and phrases in different parts of Mexico. You can tell alot about people here by how they speak. You can tell what part of Mexico they are from and their education level just by listening to them speak

    Scott O

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