Can an employer make you speak spanish at work?

If you work in a call center and you are both fluent in English and Spanish but initially you were not contracted because of such skill. I was contracted to tend to regular costumers in English. Can they decide to make you speak Spanish without changing your position or paying you extra without any consent?
I worked for them for two years in English and they just added this new pilot in Spanish and they just made me work it, which I don’t feel comfortable doing.


  1. If you have a contract for a specific period of time, and that contract specifies your duties, you can enforce that contract. Otherwise, employment is a new contract every day. If you are unable to perform the duties they want of you tomorrow, they do not have to hire you for that day. Similarly, if you just get tired of working, you can quit. Unless both of you are bound, neither is bound.

  2. if your original contract says you are to talk to customers in english, then they would have to renegotiate with you to make you a spanish speaking csr. most csr’s who are bilingual make much more money, your company probably had this in mind all along and is just trying to save a buck.


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