can an italian guy and a mexican guy talk to eachother in spanish?

or is there spanish different from eachother?


  1. To a certain degree….but they’d need to speak quite slow to each other. Same with Portuguese/Spanish/Italian. Similar, yet quite different languages…specially, phonetically.

    Spanish has one of the simplest vowel sound system in any language in the world. Consisting of the basic 5 vowel sounds.

    Italian, has 7 vowel sounds. 2 More than Spanish, so it does not add too much difficulty into understanding each other phonetically.

    Now Portuguese, has 13 vowel sounds. 8 regular vowel sounds + 5 nasal vowels. Making it more complex to a Spanish or Italian to understand a Portuguese Speaker. Now vocabulary wise, Portuguese and Spanish are the closest to each other.

  2. They could probably exchange a few words, but probably not. The Italian guy speaks Italian, a completely different language than Spanish. However, they are very close, but don’t count anything near a conversation if they both don’t know either Italian or Spanish.

    Adam Noway
  3. The Italian and Spanish languages are so similar, that other than a few clarifications, Italian guys and Mexican guys can talk to each other quite well, even without knowing the other’s full language.

  4. Italians don’t generally speak Spanish, but if they did, sure they can talk to each other. There are differences between European and Mexican Spanish, just like there’s differences between (say) Southern US and RP English. But they can understand each other.

    Gary B
  5. italians speak italian. :-l

    italian and spanish are similar but they are still very different also
    maybe they could understand SOME of what the other is saying, but that would be about the extent of it.

    Taylor B
  6. my boyfriend speaks italian and he is always having lengthy conversations with the people at mexican restaurants, him speaking italian, the other speaking spanish. so i think they can understand each other, but probably not perfectly.

  7. Hi!
    I’m an Italian girl and I study Spanish at school…first of all what I want to clarify is that Italian and Spanish are similar languages so it’s not too hard to understand more or less what the other says but, believe me, it’s quite impossible for an Italian to speak Spanish if he’s never studied the language before and vice versa…Besides, in Italy Spanish is not usually taught in school…the only case in "licei linguistici" (like the one I attend) which are high schools where foreign languages are mostly taught…in fact in Italy each teenager at 14 decides what kind of high school wants to attend: the one about sciences, the one about foreign languages, technology, arts…so if an Italian doesn’t choose foreign languages it’s impossible for him to speak Spanish even if the 2 languages are apparently the same…in fact understanding and speaking a language aren’t the same thing…


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