can anybody tell me is there a difference between latin american spanish and ..?

spanish in spain?

lol i was just wondering do these to have any diffrences in pronunciation? if so then what is it?

thanks (:


  1. theres is a difference in accent and pronunciation all over and different ways of saying things. its varied. The spanish from spain seem to think they speak the best spanish because it is castilian or castellano as they call it. in latin america we are taught in school to speak correct spanish, the only thing is we do not use VOSOTROS and we use USTED instead.

  2. oh yea…latin american spanish (Mexican) is much more gutteral and fast..lots more slang terms too..real spanish from spain ( Castellano/castilian I think..) is much prettier and smoother.

  3. The Spaniards of Spain sound as though they have a speech defect, a lisp ..ththththththththth.
    They say things like : ‘grathias’ for ‘gracias’, ‘Barthelona’ for ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Jimeneth’ for ‘Jimenez’.

    Cocia Ŵyn bac yp

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