Can anyone tell me the difference between the Mexican and Chilean culture?

This is Calvin. I know that the Mexican culture and Chilean culture are pretty similar. But my question is about what is the similarities between the people in Mexico and in Chile? People in both of these countries speak Spanist as primary language.

And what’s the difference between these two countries? How are the cultures/traditional similar and differ from each other?


  1. What????
    I am mexican, i live in mexico, we are very different from the chilean culture, our music is different, our costumes, our food, the spanish accent is different. The only thing in common is the language, but we have different accents. The cities are different. All the America Latina contries are different, except for the spanish ( but we all have differents meaning words)….
    Is like say, what’s the different between england culture and usa culture??

  2. Well i don’t know chile but i can tell you about our culture
    is very different just because we speak spanish we are not the same
    i guess we both are a very religious country and we have very close family values
    if you want to know more about Mexican culture i will be happy to help because i’m from Mexico


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