Can anyone tell me what nenora means in Mexican Spanish?

I’m beginning to think my friends made it up. Please help, this word is plaguing me.
I don’t mean to be offensive by saying Mexican Spanish. It’s just that my Columbian, Puerto Rican, Peruvian, and Spanish friends have never heard the word, but it was explained to me as a word used in Mexico. Different countries have different dialects, ya know. I am doing my best to be culturally sensitive, not offensive…so relajate dyani


  1. Maybe you are referring to "neurona."
    I have never heard nenora in my life, so I would presume they made it up or you are not spelling it out correctly.

    Neurona means a small cell in your brains that keeps your reasoning. Many Mexican friends usually use it to play around telling others "your neuronas" are missing dude!."

    That is the best word I can think of 🙂

  2. First of all I find the term "Mexican Spanish" offensive. Secondly the word "nenora" does not exist. Like the answer before me, the word "neurona" is the only one that comes to mind and the definition previously provided is correct.

  3. itthe right word is "nenorra"and it means hot chick.

    and for dyiani25, you shouldn’t take it personal. the term. mexican spanish is correct. i’m mexican. and let me tell you that even though in latin amrica we speak spanish( except brazil) it is completely different in each country. colombians, peruviuans, guatemalans, etc speak different.
    even in Mexico. a person living in the northern part of mexico, speak a little bit different to somebody who lives in the shouthern part

  4. Well yes I guess that what you mean is nenorra, but is not very used, I am mexican and I dont find the term Mexican Spanish offensive I mean, Argentinian spanish is very different to mexican , or Colombian or Venezuelan. In fact in the dictionary you will find in italic MEX than means mexicanismo, which means that the word is used and comes from Mexico.

  5. “Mexican Spanish” is NOT offensive at all =) but I think it’s more like Mexican Slang. The term, ‘nenora’ or ‘nenorra’ was invented in Mexico. They derived it from, ‘nena’ which stands for ‘girl’… anyway, we Mexicans have a wide variety of slang words that often times, only WE understand. =) If you’re friend is still calling you nenora or nenorra, how ever you want to spell it, he probably thinks you’re a hottie =) be nice to him…. lol!

    Señora and neurona are way off, by the way.


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