Can I learn how to speak fluent Spanish if I listen to Spanish music all the time?

and if I am always around Spanish speaking people? Ok I know a child brain is still developing and it is easier for them to learn a new language easily, I am however 19 would my brain still be developing to learn a new language and speak it fluently? I’ve been able to speak Spanish I learned it when I was young, but after years of not learning it or anything I lost the ability to speak it fluently. But now I want to learn to speak it fluently.


  1. To become fluent in any language, you have to do a language immersion, ie, live and breathe the language ……….. live in the country that speaks your language is primary, but many people can not afford to leave the country … so watch live TV shows in the language you want and try to talk to native speakers …. and of course a good teacher helps in time to take your questions basic

    hugs and successes

    Misael Barbosa ♥カミラ♥
  2. listening to spanish songs is very limited, even if you learn a different song everyday and learn to understand every word in it

    Just being around will take you almost as lomng as a native who never goes to school, which is ages.

    If you can, take classes. Train yourself to switch off your native language-thinking-habits too.


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