Can most Mexicans speak English?

I’m doing a common Mexican "Mythconceptions" Project for my Spanish class, and was wondering if most native Mexicans (living in Mexico) know more English than most Americans know Spanish.
ie. If Mexicans know how to ask simple questions, and Americans only know around 5 words.


  1. this is actually sort of a racist question that your teacher set upon you.. 😛 but it actually depends on where the Mexican lives.. be it Texas where there is a larger amount of Mexicans it is easier for them to speak there native tongue. but since you specified in Mexico, there is no actual reason for them to actually speak fluent English obviously like every other job one who is bilingual or even trilingual will get the higher position/ better salary but the percentage of those who actually speak fluent English isn’t that high up. Now i do believe that those speaking Spanish in the US is a much, MUCH higher rate than those speaking English in Mexico, since it is mandatory to take the "Spanish as a second language" class in most high schools and even some elementary schools also with the high condensate of people from Latin America in the US it is much easier for Americans to pick up on that language .

    hope i helped.

  2. I’m not 100% sure on this but I know from living where I live that most Mexican’s do not speak English and if they do it’s very broken. If they do know English when they come here they tend to fetch a higher paying job than the rest.

  3. Most Mexicans living in Mexico do not speak English well (except for the upper middle class on up and people engaged in the tourist industry). But they do study it in school, at least in the cities, which is far more than we can say for "most Americans."

  4. That’s pretty tough considering there are so many Americans that are of Mexican parents and speak Spanish.You don’t really see that the other way around in Mexico.In the Mexican cities along the border you will see many English speaking Mexicans, they want to sell things and they also get the english tv channels. Then in all the vacation spots too. But still like i said there are more Americans that speak spanish because they are Mexican American.I couldn’t find any graphs or any sources. I was interested in finding the answer to this as well.

  5. English is a requirement in High School in Mexico, that is why some people know simple questions. I would think that they know as much English as an American knows Spanish after High School.

  6. We speak english in AMERICA. If you move here and plan to stay here for (I don’t Know) three generations; then maybe as you and your child sit in McDonalds you talk english and learn on the go. If I moved to Germany, Warsaw, Tibet or any other country the signs and the phone promps would not be change for me.

    Kris Shirer

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