Can someone teach me to speak Spanish fast and fluently please?

I want to learn to spak spanish REALLY bad because my friends and and my boyfriend speak it. . . . . I plan on marrying this guy someday and i cant understand the way he says things so i think i might learn better if its written in english and spanish…. someone plz help me


  1. If you are going to marry this guy one day, then make the investment in Rosetta Stone programs. I know for a while you were able to get 1 free lesson. you have to be immersed in the language to become fluent. Good Luck!

  2. Hi friend… Hey There!!!

    I’d love to teach you spanish…if you want…it’s easy if u like it

    And you could help me with my english as well….lol….let’s get started…. to help each other

    Im a native spanish speaker….

    If ur interested add me…. this is my mail…, it’s the only i use….

    ….So see u later ….


  3. You gotta learn the words, practice and get into the culture if you truly want to learn. Pick two words a day and memorized their meanings, have him teach you… good luck!

  4. No one can teach you any language.It is something you have to teach yourself.The key is repetition.Read,write,listen ,speak.Love the language,have a passion for it and never ever quit.
    You can learn a lot of words and some sentences in very little time.They may even understand you but I doubt very much that you will understand them.

    I like friends everywhere,esp.+D

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