can you teach me how to speak spanish?

nonsense question?i know this application is not for this kind of question,but please understand me.i just want to understand Spanish.


  1. dear rightly said its not the platform for learning spanish but can I know why r u so desperate to learn Spanish..
    any way to answer ur question I would suggest join some language classes rather than asking here I hope u got ur answer….

    Seeman Chakraborty
  2. Friend ————————– Amigo
    How are you?—————- Como estas?
    My / myself —————— mi
    Good / fine ——————- Bueno
    Sorry ————————— triste
    What? ————————- qué?
    How much is this?——— Cuánto cuesta esto?
    Happy Birthday! ———– feliz cumpleaños!
    Mother ———————— madre
    Father ————————- Padre
    Brother ———————– hermano
    Sister ————————- hermana
    You are beautiful ——— eres hermosa :))
    You are handsome —— es guapo
    You are ugly! ————– es feo!
    Good morning ———— Buenos días
    Good Afternoon ——— Buenas tardes
    Good evening ———— Buenas noches
    Stupid! ———————- estúpido
    Silly ————————- tonto
    Thanks / thank you — Gracias
    yes —- sí
    no —— no

    and many more words………….
    Hope I helped!

  3. There’s this software that’s really popular for learning languages. It’s called Rosetta Stone. It’s expensive, but people rave about it. You can get it at Barnes and Noble or online. I remember back when I really wanted to learn Spanish, I looked up all sorts of different ways to learn and I wanted Rosetta Stone so badly. I didn’t bother bc my Spanish class was almost over by the time I discovered it. You should look it up and give it a try.

  4. Hola (do not pronounce the ‘h’) = Hello
    Adios (the ‘d’ is softer than it would be in English, so slightly harder than a ‘th’) = Goodbye
    Gracias (gra-thi-as) = thank-you
    Me llamo… (may yamo) = I am called…
    Vivo en… (beebo en) = I live in
    Quiero… (Kee-air-o) = I want
    Lo siento (lo see-en-to) = I am sorry
    Me siento mal (may see-en-to mal) = I feel bad/ill
    Buena Suerte (bwenna swertay) = good luck


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