Coming to the US and not learning how to speak English?

I have a real problem and im pretty sure alot of other people might have it to. I agree with having rights here that is why we live in this country. But how can people come to this country and not even try to learn english. Im not just tlaking about latinos im talking about all immigrants. Whether it be polish or mexican or russian. I walked into a store in Chicago recently and couldnt find an address. I asked for help and nobody spoke english everybody just spole polish and it drove me crazy. They all looked at me like I was crazy and didnt belong there.
You can live a decent life functioning here in the States unless you learn the language.
My mother come from Mexico legally and struggled to learn english because she knew she had to in order to be successful.
Like Governer Schwarenegger said, and i totally agree. If you want to learn english you have to turn off the spanish language channels.
Input please?
For you viva la raza people, i am not segregating just the latinos so shove that La Raza Cochinada where the sun dont shine. Of course im not tlaking about people that just got here either. Dont be stupid im not expecting them to learn over night. DUH. Im talking about people who come here and live here and dont even try to learn and belevie they dont have to. My grandmother was like this.
If you love La Raza so much help our own people to get better and become more successful. And not live in ignorance and poverty. You cannot be a success in this country without learning english.
and the chick with the name
Mexicans are the best
is a troll.


  1. Yes I agree with you on that one. The same thing actually happened to me in Chicago last year when I came for a visit. I live abroad but I am a 3th generation Italian American, and what happened kinda made me feel sad. Maybe the government should make people who want to emigrate legally to the US take an english test like they do in Australia or New Zealand ? I guess it might change things for the best. No one can fully integrate without learning the language of one’s host country. How can you find a job, earn a wage or even function without that?

    My great grand parents also struggled to learn English when they first came to Ellis Island but success can be earnt the hard way 🙂 Thanks for the great question !

  2. Everyone living in the US should be required to speak English – it is a waste of taxpayers money to have "legal" documents and instructions printed in various languages. If you want to live in "ANY" country, then you should have enough respect for the people of that nation to learn their language!

  3. yes i do think anybody who comes here needs to learn our language…English….NOT the other way around….. in which we have to learn the immigrants’ language(which can also mean catering to them).

  4. I vote for English.
    But don’t write off Polish Aren’t there a couple of hot Polish supermodels? We can make an exception or two…

  5. my great grandfather came from mexico during the plague when their were no borders at the time but still his son and my father had to learn english becuase it was the main language here..somone who comes from a different country should learn the language most spoken hear.. but still u have to give them a chance they might have just migrated hear and are trying to learn…but i agree with u they should learn the language if they are gonna come here before they do anything else.. people mistake me for a border hopper and i am not lol.its chill i dont give a dam…i am a american citizen for a good time and so has my father and his…anyways this is a hot pot of many cultures so u have to give them a little break..but still demand the language so they get it down….

  6. Maybe they just got here , with a relative that does speak English . Don’t worry about it . Their problem . How come so many of the free market religionists don’t believe in the market when it comes to immigration & language? (don’t mean you specifically, just comes to mind now) If it was a DMV clerk, or a police officer , you’d have a legitimate complaint. But this? Just go ask somebody else, & move on .

    ps America First , "disgusting"? Well don’t move here(please) . Binghamton (NY) is a refugee resettlement area . We ‘ve gotten a wavelet, everytime there’s major upheaval in the world. It’s fine . I like it . I can’t afford to travel the world. Next best thing is meeting people from all those places I can’t go. The local grocery store chain has the "Welcome" sign in eight languages, & so far the sky hasn’t fallen. ;D

  7. I totally agree with u.
    I m an immigrant as well, just moved to the U.S. two and a half years ago. And the first thing, my family and I did was that we worked on our English proficiency. It is really important to know the language of the country u r living in.
    Those people, who don’t learn English, are the one’s who think that they will abandon their culture if they learn a new language. But they don’t know that learning a new language only builds up their knowledge as well as skills.

    Smiley face
  8. Is not their responsibility to help you to find an address, do you know about GPS?, i don’t speak English and i’m living in the USA and I USE A GPS because is not the american people responsibility to help me do nothing.
    I’m trying to learn english and every legal and illegal that I know is doing the same but it takes time…. genius!.

  9. I posted something similar and agree with Arnie on this, if you want to advance in this country you will need to learn English regardless. People (especially the pro-illegal side) argued that arnie was ignorant, etc, etc, but I say they are the ignorant ones. They are the ones who are ignoring the laws of this country and on top of that refusing to learn the language. Damn, at least learn enough to get by, is that so hard to do? I’m not saying all are like that, of course some do learn it because they know it will benefit them in the future. BTW, I ran across a similar problem with a Chinese immigrant who could not speak a single world of English…suffice to say, we couldn’t communicate and the deal was terminated..oh well..

  10. I agree with your statement,everyone that comes here should learn to speak English,Having said that, I do not agree with people insisting you give up your other language to be consider an American, I am American I may not be what you consider an American. I could care less about your value judgments. In grade school they beat me (the Teachers) and I guess that is what made me decide to keep speaking Spanish, it has been an asset in my life being Bilingual, Learn English but you do not have to give up your mother tongue to be an American…

    Daniel F
  11. i agree with you. nothing will be taken from them if they learn to speak english. it will actually improve their communication skills and gain more knowledge. they are still free to practice their belief and to speak their native language. those who refused to learn english are those who show very little interest of what goes on in this country and are comfortable within their own community.

    Ally cat
  12. Born and raised in Miami. Even at Publix and Walmart they have to find a manager to speak ENGLISH. I would have no problem with Cubans if they would speak English. They refuse and we accommodate that.

    Our country would never have become the great country it is if our forefathers had not been willing to learn English so that we could have a cohesive society.

  13. I agree. I was in the military, and there were E-7’s, AIT instructors at that, who could barely speak English. In basic training, there was one guy who knew none at all. Yet they get paid more for being bi-lingual. And this is the military of the United States of America? More like a free ride to citizenship.

    There’s a big argument over "official" versus "national" language. I didn’t know there was a difference until Hillary Clinton claimed there was in a debate. So I searched, and found that national is simply the majority language, and official is government mandated. She argued that if it was made official, vote ballots could only be printed in English, and the government would not provide translators in hospitals. The other candidates that didn’t want to make it official gave non-answers, like "well hey, I can speak 2 languages!"

    Considering part of becoming a citizen is learning English, I don’t see a problem with making it the official language. It would not impose on culture, people can still have their Chinatown and authentic Italian restaurants, Lowes could still have every thing in their store printed in Spanish for people that are still learning English. The voting ballots should be English anyway considering you need to be a citizen to vote. And I don’t see the government firing translators anytime soon, they are one of the biggest assets, and even if, what’s stopping the hospital from providing it’s own translators? It is a business after all, and it will provide for it’s customers.

  14. It’s difficult here in L.A.. My FIlipino coworker just complained to me that he can’t understand my Armenian coworker . I am patient since My Armenian coworker is elderly and English is atleast his fourth language. I am thankful We have a computer so I could type something and have it translate in to Russian or Armenian. Of course my boss would not be please, because we mainly do this for non related work items. It’s really hard on me, because I end up in a lot of different neighborhoods. I often shop in CHinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino,Persian, Eastern European markets and I go to Mexican, and Georgian bakery. I also go to Vietnamese and Armenian neighborhoods. These are places where I often encounter people who don’t speak ENglish. I never had problems with the Thai people when I enter their neighborhood, although I some how offended one. I usually don’t get mad at them, but some of their attitudes really so rub on me. THey get mad at me for not being able to communicate with them. It’s their fault for not learning the language of the land, yet they are upset with me, even when I’m patient. It’s usually the men, although the older females can be rough too. I usually get the girls to giggle a bit. I think teh Hispanic is the worse, because their community is so large that it makes it unnecessary to learn the language. I do agree that the need to get out of their community and interact with Americans to learn the language. The other nationalities are also problematic though. I do try to pick up a little of everyones language, but the funny thing is that I only understand if their talking about food or cussing at me.

    Azawalla, if we live in Switzerland, we would have to learn the languages of the Swiss. Frankly my German and French Sucks. I could only read in French and I can only order desert and beer in German. I thought there were 4 langauges in Switzerland. he immigrants should feel lucky that their moving into the US with only one language rather than Switzerland. .


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