Could anybody recommend good Spanish Spanish (not Latin American Spanish) learning software?

I would like to learn Spanish Spanish not Latin American Spanish. I know that Rosetta Stone has it and it’s widely advertised everywhere but is it really that good? And of course if I Google Spanish learning software, search results are in the order of what software company paid to be on the top of the Google search. Same thing with reviews – Can’t tell if they are real or fake. . Also, if anybody can suggest good free websites for Spanish language, grammar & tips and any good books for Spanish grammar.

Thank You! ☺


  1. I tried Rosetta Stone for Spanish and found it effective for basic sentences or words. But you could not get fluent or reach an Intermediate level with it, especially as there is no grammar explanations. The best way to get fluent is to communicate with a native speaker or live abroad, which is unfortunately not always possible. Rosetta Stone can teach you the basics, but not be really communicate.

    Nonetheless, I found another language software that my college was using called TeLL me More. I found it to be less repetitive than Rosetta Stone, but also more effective to communicate. For instance, they have an activity where you could actually have a dialogue with the computer: the computer says one sentence, you have three choices of answer and you actually speak the correct answer (headset and mic is already included) and the computer recognizes what you are saying and moves you on to the next sentence. They have a free trial on their site . I also found out after buying it that they are better ranked than Rosetta Stone on


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