Could it be possible the first human race/color were Mexican/Spanish people?

I dont believe black people meaning me were the first I believe we evolved from the homo sapiens that evolved from neanderthals and they were probably a Mexican race.Also very old fossils older than the ones in Africa were found in China.


  1. Neanderthals did not evolve into humans. We have a common ancestor so we are different branches of the same family tree, not direct decedents.

    The fossils found in China were not of Modern Humans. The oldest modern human fossils were found in Africa. The migration of Humans out of Africa and through out the world can also be tracked through genetic studies. It is a scientific fact that the human race started in Africa and migrated from there.

  2. No, humans are from Africa. We’re not descended from Neanderthals, who are a different subspecies. We didn’t get to the New World until maybe 20 millenia ago and we were black first.

  3. we know that the first man to walk on this earth was Adam (AS)
    Adam (AS) was created by God, so there is no telling of the first race.
    That means that everyone, including me and you, are related in a way that we came from the same parents, Adam and Eve

    Joe Jonson
  4. Race/Color -> Mexican/Spanish people? Mexican (South American) is a race that comes from a mix between Spaniards and Native Mexicans. That’s Mexican mixed with whie people. Spanish is not even a race.

    M Mm

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