Difference between Latin American Spanish and European Spanish…?

Many people say that the difference between the 2 types is the same as the difference between US and UK English, yet if, for example, you compare the Spain Yahoo Answers page, with a Latin American one, Mexico, for example, it’s clear to see, even if you don’t speak any Spanish that things have been reworded and many different words are used. While there seems to be no difference in wording between the US and UK sites.

So is the gap wider than people make out?


  1. I think there are more differences in Latin American- Spain Spanish than in US-UK English. But the principal reason is the number of countries that Latino America has. Like somebody said, the simple word "car" (I think you say it in the same way in the US as in the UK, dont you?) has a lot of spanish words at the same time.
    It could be Automóvil, carro, auto, coche..
    It depends where you are.. but in every spanish country they will understand you.
    The only spanish word that I know is different in english (i dont know english very well) is cookies-biscuits… 😎

  2. I’ve always thought it is. The fact that there are so many Spanish speaking countries and each one of them in many cases has its own vocabulary and way of saying things, makes the gap wider as you say.

    You take for example a word as simple as ‘car’. It’s the same word in every English speaking country. But the word for ‘car’ in Spanish varies a lot according to the country.

    You can also see it when talking about vegetables, for example. A simple ‘pea’ or a simple ‘bean’ has many words in Spanish and what makes it worse is the fact that people do not understand them all, so if you go to another country and you want to buy ‘green beans’ for example, they probably won’t understand you.

    In general, grammatically speaking, the language is pretty much the same, the Spanish Royal Academy makes sure it happens that way. But there are a lot of different terms, words, slang that are totally different, not only between Latin America and Spain, but also between the different Latin American countries.

  3. The most correct Spanish in the world is the Spanish of Spain, no doubt, Spain is starting to talk more like Latinamerica. "Vosotros" is something old and is starting to be replaced by the idiom of Latinamerica. And after all, nowadays Mexico has the best academy.

    I – Yo
    You – Tú
    He/She – Él/Ella
    We – Nosotros
    You plural – Ustedes
    They – Ellos

    The Eye That Sees All
  4. Latin America and European Spanish are different by the way they speak. everyone has different accents, and differents ways to say things. your right just like the US and the UK. European are more into classy ways of speaking and if you go to Mexico, its more lay back. Some people cant tell the different because they just think its the same in all the spanish speaking countries but if you really listen you can be able to tell the difference in how some people talk.

  5. Lo de español europeo suena raro. Habrá que llamarle castellano o español de España. Al igual que otros idiomas indoeuropeos hay distintas formas de español.


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