Difference between Spanish and Mexican culture?

what differences are there between Spanish and Mexican culture, via dance, music, celebrations, and the whole work? Also food? Just to be honest, anything different from spanish and mexican culture, anything that seems strange for them to be different.

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  1. Here are some general differences:

    ♦ Dance♦
    – Spain: typically involve more tapping of the feet in movement of the upper body
    – México: much more movement in the lower body.

    – Spain: flamenco or European pop style music. The guitar is often used.
    – México: more beat to the music. More brass/woodwind instruments used.

    – Spain: European style. They have a day of the year where they have a huge tomato.
    – México: Amerindian style. They have a day of the dead, celebrated with Amerindian overtones (though not originally an Amerindian celebration), in which they honor their dead and write poems mocking death in which they write about how a friend or someone close will die.

    This is just a small outline; a huge amount of information may be found online.

    I hope this helps 😀


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