Do a lot of people in Brazil speak Spanish?

I speak Spanish(and English obviously) but would love to study in Brazil. Do you think I’ll find lots of people in Brazil I can talk to in Spanish?


  1. Nope!!!
    The English is so much more common as a second language than Spanish and people will get offended if will try to speak Spanish with them because they will think you’re confusing them with people from surround countries and thinking in Brazil speaks Spanish as them!

    Espirito do vento
  2. yeah ok their primary language is Portuguese but peopel there probably still speak spanish because the people from the surrounding countries probably come there too geez……

  3. i think they mostly speak portugeuse (dont know if i spelled that right!) over there..but if you speak spanish you can probably catch on because i think both languages have the same latin roots

  4. "Languages

    Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. English, French and Spanish are also spoken. Brazil is unusual in being South America’s only non-Spanish speaking country, a legacy of the Portuguese colonial past."

    I do believe so, since it’s bordered by Spanish speaking countries. Also workers from those countries tend to go into Brazil for jobs.

  5. Yes! There are a lot of folks there who speak primarily spanish but also speak a little english. They are excited for every opportunity to work with english speaking people to enhance their spanish vocabulary and help themselves with their english at the same time.

  6. Well the majority of them speak Portuguese (well not really that close to Portuguese, because even though I am from Portugal I have trouble understanding them) but many of them probably speak Spanish, since the languages are fairly close and they are surrounded by Spanish-speaking countries.

  7. If you’ve studied Spanish and want to hone your skills with a little bit of practice, Brazil is not the place to go.

    The foreign language that most Brazilians speak, when they do, is English. Spanish is a distant second, and, if you’ve studied it, you’ll speak better than most Brazilians, especially those that are trying to crack that up just because we speak Portuguese, which is close to Spanish, but quite different, mind you.

    Now knowing Spanish can help you getting around in Brazil, because it is easy for locals, with little effort, to understand a basic conversation in Spanish.

  8. It will be easier to find someone that speaks english, even though spanish has become more popular in the foreign languages schools. I went to brazil las t summer and found many americans with no knowledge in the portuguese language getting their word across….do not speak spanish – they consider it rude , they will think that you are just one self important, ignorant american who does not know that the language is portuguese.

  9. In terms of pronunciation Spanish’s twin brother is Italian; however, Portuguese despite being more distinctive in pronunciation is closer to Spanish in terms of having many identical words and many that are not identical yet are very similar. From personal experience as a native Spanish speaker who has had two Portuguese speaking friends, a conversation can be held using both separate languages and about 65-70% is understood on both ends. However, despite the shared vocabulary, overall, as I said, Portuguese pronunciation is not that similar to that of Spanish, meaning that if it is spoken fast it is not understood by Spanish speakers. In fact, I have seen Brazilian films with ghetto settings in which I haven’t understood anything being said.

    In Miami and truly all over USA I have seen many Brazilians speaking Spanish (the pronunciation gives them away) as no Latinos in USA speak Portuguese and very few are Brazilian or Portuguese. But in Brazil I have no idea how many know Spanish, I doubt that many do. Although they are basically the only ones speaking that language and they are surrounded by Spanish speakers, Brazil is a big nation and I would assume they would learn English before learning Spanish, I don’t know.

  10. No. They may, understand you a little. But English there is way more common as a second language then spanish is. I was born in Brazil and speak Portuguese and can understand a little spanish. But when I say I come from Brazil, people try to speak in spanish with me. I get offended and annoyed. It’s funny when I think about it, but to know that people think you speak spanish just because you from south America bothers me a little. Even though I know it’s an honest mistake lol. But it would actually be better to ask them in spanish if they speak english. If they don’t speak to them in spanish. Make sure you speak slowly tough. Or else you’ll sound like you’re speaking in gibberish. But it’s ok, don’t worry about offending people there. They have a GINORMOUS sense of humor…LOL! :D!!!!!

    Ninja Cat
  11. well, native brazilians speak portuguese.
    but you can find people from all over the world, often in tourist-attractive places like rio de janeiro, and são paulo.
    they might be offended if you speak spanish with them, also the natives may find it difficult to understand pure spanish


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