Do I consider myself mexican, spanish, indian, or multiracial?

I’ve been looking at college applications and im not sure what race i need to put down. My dad is Spanish, Mexican, Native American, and a few others things that are of white background. My mom also has Native American in her. My last name is Spanish but our culture has nothing Spanish in it.
Im confused on what is the correct term for me.


  1. Where were you born is the answer.

    Eg. If you were born in Spain , then you are Spain
    If you were born in Spain but have an American CITIZENSHIP then u are American with a Spanish flavour
    Or .. American AND Spanish

    Ask ur parents

  2. Just say your multiracial. You’ve got Native American blood from both your parents and you’ve got white blood from your dad. So to sum it up just say your a mix of Native American and white.

    Mr Cheese

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