do i get payed extra if i can speak Spanish in the Military?

Im in the USAF and i was wondering if knowing spanish would be consider as an extra pay , the foreign language pay.

(cause a friend said spanish didnt count since everyone could speak it)


  1. The Navy is the only branch that gives you language pay even if you don’t use it.

    Don’t worry its only $200-400 depending on your grasp of the language.

    Don’t let anyone tell you Spanish doesn’t count, because then my paycheck is a lie. The test is so hard sometimes native speakers fail it because this is GOOD Spanish we are talking about non of the "k onda ese?" tripe.

  2. The military does allow for additional pay for special skills like fluently speaking a second language. But you won’t get it for just knowing Spanish, you’d have to learn a language that’s actually useful to the Marines.

    The Ghost of Craiggers

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