Do I have a right to speak Spanish in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Even though I don’t speak it very well? 🙂

Or is it encouraging the illegal alien invasion of the US and the moral equivalent of being an arms dealer?


  1. Yes OF COURSE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK SPANISH!!!!! A lot of people are kind of having some racism towards many Mexicans! PEOPLE ARE GETTING MEXICANS AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS MIXED UP! You know….there is such a thing as Mexican-Americans and Mexican American Citizens! LOL I’m tired of people complaining about people with accents that aren’t "right" English AND when they say "This is America, speak English!" You know, the natives in America did not speak English….

    Yahoo! ID
  2. Speak Spanish all you want. As long as you do not encourage the illegal alien invasion of the US, you have no need to be concerned that you will be the moral equivalent of an arms dealer.

  3. You have the right to speak ANY language that you wish in your home, in the store, or any where else… I don’t think that most people on the forum are advocating dictating how human beings choose to communicate with one another.

    I think (of course, I haven’t been here for awhile) that most of the worry was about the added cost of interpretation to government documents and proceedings. And, with being forced to provide bilingual teachers, and, the reduction of education of English speaking children in order to accomodate the Spanish speakers.

    Amanda h
  4. if yer brave enough feel free to. gawd now teh illegal invaders are selling arms to? i thought it was kidneys.what next livers? oh well can i get on that list cause my is failing from the drinking. 99 beers on the wall 99 bottles of beer yeehaw its plague famine and locusts we got to worry about more then the arms. the end of civilization gawd.

    Hilda H
  5. Speaking a "foreign" language is a lot like religion. You can do it all you want, but when you try to impose it on others or abuse it, then you’re going to have a serious problem.

  6. Illegals come from every country, what does a language have to do with it?
    You can speak Spanish if you please but don’t expect Americans to answer you back in Spanish. If I wanted to, I could answer you in German, Japanese or Sign Language.

  7. You can speak it all you want. And others have the freedom to ignore it, or abuse you for it if they so desire, too. And if you speak it badly enough, they’ll ask you to stop as well.

    Freedom of speech. Ain’t it grand?

    Seriously, why isn’t this encouraging legal immigration? Not every spanish-speaking person you meet is here illegally, so speaking spanish simply encourages spanish-speaking people to want to come here. It doesn’t raise the question of illegality. And if we spoke french, maybe we’d be encouraging French-Canadians to jump the border…

  8. There is a big difference between having the right to speak Spanish in America vs. wanting to be an American and not wanting to learn the language of this country.

  9. hell no. this is america we speak english!!! not spanish. that is annoying to go to the store and hear that crap being spoken. my ancestors fought for this country to protect our freedoms not for it to be over run with illegals and nonenglish speaking people

    tim b
  10. Speaking Spanish in your home or to practice the language is fine. I am sick of the illegals who refuse to learn English, expect to receive a bunch of government benefits and programs…then have the nerve to get mad at you because you don’t speak freaking America.

  11. Yes, this is a free country, and because we are free we can speak any language that we want. The problem are some people who have complex and think that people are talking about them when what they really want is to know the conversation of the other person. I don’t have any problem when people speak another language in front of me. Let them talk.

    Pure & Virgin, MD?
  12. You have a right to speak Spanish in the United States ,as well as any other ethnic language.
    If I am speaking to my own people, I speak Spanish, if I speak to a non Spanish speaking person, I speak in English .

    The School system main function is to educate children ,not to furnish a job to a monolingual English speaking teachers .
    If you desire to work in an ethnic school system, you should speak the language of the students you are teaching.
    This has to do with the educational needs of the children.

    Bilingual Education ,is not going into the expense of forming programs and hiring extra teachers, it is being cost effective with the teachers you hire.
    A bilingual speaking teacher fits both needs! They are a state certified teacher and can help a student better understand the subject matter, by explaining it to them in their primary language.

    Daniel F
  13. yes you have the right to speak Spanish or any language. But if you do some people will try to stop you, tell you not to, stare at you with hate, get annoyed, even try to make it illegal or rules of where you can speak another language. Will the U.S. now set up a camera in your home and fine you for speaking Spanish in your home to discourage undocumented immigration…..

    usted tiene sí la derecha de hablar español o cualquier lengua. Pero si usted hace alguna gente intenta pararle, le dice no a, mira fijamente usted con odio, consigue molestado, incluso intento para hacerlo ilegal o reglas de donde usted sabe hablar otra lengua. Voluntad los E.E.U.U. ahora fijado para arriba una cámara fotográfica en su hogar y multa usted para el español de discurso en su hogar para desalentar la inmigración indocumentada.

    نعم يتلقّى أنت الحق أن يتكلّم الإسبان أو أيّ لغة. غير أنّ إن أنت تتمّ بعض الناس سيحاول أن يتوقّف أنت, يقول أنت لا إلى, يحدّ في أنت مع حالة كره, يحصل يضأيق, حتّى محاولة أن يجعل هو غير شرعيّ أو قواعد من حيث أنت يستطيع تكلّمت آخر لغة. إرادة الولايات المتّحدة الأمريكيّة الآن يثبت فوق آلة تصوير في ك منزل وغرامة أنت ل يتكلّم الإسبان في منزلك أن يثبّط هجرة غير شرعيّ.

    oui vous avez le droit de parler l’espagnol ou n’importe quelle langue. Mais si vous faites certains essayerez de vous arrêter, vous dites pas à, regardez toi avec haine, obtenez fixement gêné, même essai pour le rendre illégal ou règles d’où vous pouvez parler une autre langue. Volonté les États-Unis maintenant réglé vers le haut un appareil-photo dans votre maison et amende vous pour l’Espagnol parlant dans votre maison pour décourager l’immigration non documentée.

    ja haben Sie das Recht, Spanischen oder jede mögliche Sprache zu sprechen. Aber , wenn Sie einige Leute versuchen, Sie zu stoppen, erklären Ihnen nicht zu, anstarren entlang Sie mit Haß tun, erhalten gestört, sogar Versuch, um ihn ungültig zu bilden oder, Richtlinien von, wo Sie eine andere Sprache sprechen können. Wille die US jetzt oben eingestellt einer Kamera in Ihrem Haus und in Geldstrafe Sie für sprechendes Spanischen in Ihrem Haus, zum der undokumentierten Immigration zu entmutigen.

    да вы имеете право поговорить испанский язык или любой язык. Но если вы делаете некоторые людей попытаетесь остановить вас, говорите вас не к, вытаращитесь на вас с ненавистью, получаете надоеденными, даже попытка сделать ее противозаконн или, то правила где вы можете поговорить другой язык. Воля США. теперь установлено вверх камере в ваших доме и штрафе вы для говоря испанского языка в вашем доме для того чтобы обескуражить undocumented иммиграцию.


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