Do Mexicans speak slower Spanish?

I have different Latino friends, and they said how Mexican Spanish is more "proper" since it sounds slower. Cindy, one of my Mexican friends, said that Mexican Spanish is similar to the way British people speak English (since it sounds more proper) than American English…if that’s makes any sense. My Puerto Rican friend Julisa and my Dominican friend Gisella said how Dominican and Puerto Rican Spanish are spoken a lot faster with more slang. Is that true?


  1. Mexican Spanish as spoken by educated Mexicans especially from Mexico City is considered to be good Latin American Spanish. The Spanish spoken by educated Colombians from Bogota is said by many people to be the "best" Latin American Spanish. In fact, the variety of Spanish that is generally taught in the United States is usually based on that standard (i.e., Latin American Spanish as spoken by a highly educated Mexican from Mexico City or a highly educated Colombian from Bogota).

    Compared to Caribbean Spanish, Mexican Spanish is somewhat slower. However, I have heard many non-native speakers of Spanish complain that Mexicans speak really fast. While Mexicans generally don’t "eat letters" when they speak (like Caribbean people), they do use a lot of slang.

    @ Mr. Quarrelsome – you are incorrect. Did you realize that Spanish as spoken in Spain HAS more regional differences than Latin American Spanish? The Spanish as spoken in Spain varies quite a bit within Spain (and no, I’m not talking about Spain’s other languages). For example, a Canary Islander speaks with a very different accent than say a person from Burgos in the north of Spain (who would actually speak Castilian Spanish, because Burgos is in the Castile region of Spain!). In fact, Canary Islander Spanish sounds closer to Latin American Spanish than Iberian Spanish, and has a lot of vocabulary that is also used in Latin America, but not on the Iberian Peninsula. In Spain, many say that the "best" Spanish is spoken by people from the northern cities of Burgos and Valladolid, and, generally speaking, Andalusians (southern Spaniards) are stereotyped as speaking "bad" Spanish (the characterization of which I don’t agree with).

    Many people are prejudiced against Mexicans, and they blindly say Mexicans don’t speak "good" Spanish, which they assume is only the Spanish of Spain, and they automatically assume that Mexican Spanish is "bad". The differences between Latin American Spanish and European Spanish are parallel to the differences between British English and American English: different accents/pronunciations, some different vocabulary, differences in slang, but essentially it’s the same language. Also, keep in mind that how "proper" someone speaks a language is also due to how much education that person has and not necessarily what country or region they are from.

    By the way, my Spanish linguistic professor explained to me why people consider some forms of Spanish better than others. It’s very simple (even though she did not agree with classifying peoples’ speech patterns as good or bad). In Latin America, the way educated Colombians from Bogota and educated Mexicans speak Spanish closely mimics the way it is written. Hence, that is why some people do not consider Caribbean or other varieties of coastal or lowland Spanish "good" Spanish as people who speak with those accents tend to not pronounce many letters when they speak. The same is true in Spain. People in the south of Spain (and to a lesser extent, Madrid) tend to eat a lot of their letters: they say things like "Pesca’o" (instead of "Pescado", i.e., they don’t pronounce the "d"). Someone from the southern Spanish city of Cadiz would probably not say "Soy de Cadiz" (I am from Cadiz); they would say "Soy de Cadi", not pronouncing the final "z" or even "soy de Ca’i" (not pronouncing the "d" and "z").

    Cubans do not speak "Castilian Spanish"; they speak Spanish with a Cuban accent, due to the simple reason that they are Cubans and not Spaniards. I lived in Spain, and I can very easily mimic a madrileño accent, and thus claim to speak "Castilian Spanish", but that would be no different from being an American trying to speak with a British accent.

  2. Wrong.

    Castillian Spanish as spoken by the actual Spaniards is the proper spanish. Some Cubans speak castillian spanish as well.

    Go to Rosetta stone and you will see that Latin American Spanish is differentiated from Spanish.

    Mr. Quarrelsome
  3. Heck no, have you ever seen a Mexican soap opera, the people speak so fast you can barely understand it. Although Spanish from Spain is considered the most proper. Probably the American born Mexicans speak slower because it is not their first language.

  4. Yes it is true. However, do not think Mexicans all speak proper. When they speak with slang and vulgarity they sound like madmen It is also true Ricans and Dominicans speak very fast as well as Cubans. When you go to take a Spanish class as a major or minor they teach the "Mexican" kind of Spanish and the Spain kind of Spanish.
    I’ve been in T.X, and they pretty much can sound rude with curses and all that. It’s like any Spanish speaking country though, you can choose to keep it proper or you can choose to have fun and sound un eduacted. When speaking with authority or parents, it is very important to sound polite.

    My only friend, the end

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