do mexicans speak spanish or mexican?

so if i was to learn fluent spansih could i speak to all mexicans?


  1. lol mexicans do speak spanish. ive never heard of "mexican" being a language and yes if you do learn spanish you could speak to them however i believe that mexicans do say some spanish words different. im not too sure so don’t qoute me on this 😀

    Shantel B
  2. Yes you can, because Spanish is spoken in Mexico.
    There are groups like Maya Indians who between themselves speak their own Maya language, that was in use before the Spaniards invaded the Mexican territory. Nevertheless, those groups all speak Spanish too, so you can talk to everyone without problems.

    Aleksandra P
  3. Each Latin American group has a different dialect. Hispanic people will understand you in general, but they might not be used to some of the words you use. Like, Mexicans use different slang that Puerto Ricans, even though it’s still Spanish.

    Like with English. A lot of Americans don’t understand a lot of the words the English people use, and likewise. People from the city would have trouble understanding some of what country people say. It’s the same with other languages in different regions.


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