Do Mexicans think that the Spanish sound really fruity, even though they practically gave you their language?

Whenever I hear that accent (Castillian I think it’s called), I can’t help but think that the Spanish are fruitbags. They sound queer, don’t they? Whereas, Mexican Spanish sounds masculine and it’s often evenly paced. Do Mexicans think lowly of the Spanish because of their gay accent? And do you think it’s justifiable to say that Spanish no longer belongs to the Spanish if it sounds so corrupt and wacky like how they pronounce it?


  1. castillian isn’t an accent, its the real name for the language we call ‘spanish’ ok pinche perra. There is no such thing as ‘Spanish’

    Catalan, Basque, castillian are all Spanish languages

    There is no 1 Mexican accent fag, although chilangos do speak like putos

    we all have diffferent accents, personally i like the iberian spanish one, very classy

    puro sinaloa

    oh and quoting ‘el arcangel’

    yeah every latino (except the black or pure indios) has at least one spanish ancestor.

    Swine Flu (H1N1)
  2. the spanish are not the ones with the accent its every country that speaks spanish that is not spain who have the accent

    ex: american girl: hahaha i like that little engish boys accent why do they talk like that

    they talk like that because thats where the language originated so its the american girl with the accent

    Billy Maysinho Y Los Cementeros
  3. Chilean and Mexican accents are the best accents ever!!!

    I mean if a Mexican and a Chilean had a baby, what accent would it have, I think the World would explode from the epicness

    Carlos Vela
  4. What has this got to do with football you f*ggot.

    You come on here and abuse as many people as you can.

    Is this the way you get it off you little p!ss ant ?


  5. Que pendejo?
    At least they won a damn world cup, something you will never achieve. Dont ever talk shitt about Spanish people like that, I am Mexican, and I had Spanish family that influenced my life you little shitt.

  6. First, stop the homophobia.

    Second, all modern languages are "corrupted" forms of older languages, so those people that say that one type of Spanish is better than others, are wrong.

    I have no Colombian ancestry or even Colombian friends, but I think they have the most pleasant form of Spanish to my ears… not to say that it is better, just really nice to hear.

    paul d

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