Do native Spanish speakers ever find it annoying when non-natives speak in the language?

I am an American of German descent and have been learning/speaking Spanish for the past 6 years. I know that many times, when my cousins and I encounter an English speaking person who is not a native German speaker, we often switch to English because my cousins often find it annoying to hear an American speaking in German (I have no idea why). Is this true with Spanish speakers also or is this just my family being too sensitive?


  1. When practicing my Russian at work, most of my Russian coworkers are cooperative with me, while there are a few that openly switch to English speech. My guess is that they prefer to assume that I won’t be able to understand them, which is not accurate, for I have no problems talking with the others, using no English words at all.

    On the flip side, I, being a native Spanish speaker, encourage every non native speaker to express their thoughts in my native language, if they feel like it. This attitude is well received by all of them, who enjoy discovering new expressions and enriching their vocabulary. Some very good friendships sprang out from it.

    Furthermore, I think that Spanish speakers won’t usually switch to English in the presence of a non-native speaker. On the contrary, when non speakers adopt a standpoint of the sort of "No Spanish, English!", well, that is considered awkward if not annoying between native Spanish speakers.

    Daedalus Omega
  2. no dude its funny,, and sometimes i play around with them,i tell them to pronounce words a certain way and in the end they are saying something totally ridicoulous and funny

    you have issues

  3. I certanly dont find it annoying but funny instead. Americans in my opinion are really bad in pronuncing a different language. when they talk in spanish they have a really funny pronunciation, so we just laugh but certanly not annoying.

  4. I went to Spain to study and lived there for 12 years,I had taken Spanish lessons before but of course my knowledge was far from perfect. The Spanish people are happy to hear somebody try to speak their language and will help you with hand and foot to get through a sentence if necessary. They do not laugh at you at all but will tell you the correct word in the kindest manner.
    Find some Spanish speaking people and you will see what I am talking about.
    Great language for people with a great heart.

    Gino's mom
  5. I guess it would depend on the person. Like your cousins, some people might get offended for personal reasons. i think it is good when people try and speak spanish. Plus a lot of Spanish teachers nowadays are not native speakers. i guess i WOULD get a little ticked if people were joking around with the language saying stupid things. i also find it annoying when english speakers go to spanish speaking countries and start using stupid phrases like ‘cerveza’ this and that and act ridiculous. But other than that, i think it is always a great thing when people learn another language.
    Also, I sometimes do prefer speaking in English when someone who is just learning Spanish or who is not very fluent speaks since it just feels awkward at times. If i were helping the person learn then it would be another story.i wish i knew German.

  6. I live in Lynn, Mass. and we have a large assortment of Spanish speaking people. I ask them questions about their country, where there are from and have always found them very friendly and helpful in regards to speaking their language. The children ( about 5 yrs. and up) often are bi lingual and help me a lot. The kids are amazingly adept at picking up English, and often act as interpreters. I am always respectful and happy with the interaction. Honor and Respect all, we are all Gods Children, you get what you get. Buenos dias, mi amigos…. I still need some more lessons, I enjoy meeting Mi Amigos at Ernies market, in Lynn.

    John Kemp

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