Do people from spain like latin american spanish?

Do they think latin american spanish is good to hear?


  1. nooooooooo…they dont.

    spaniards do not like hispanic spanish…they say we speak inappropriately and dont know how to pronounce properly in spanish. They think their race and language are superior from latin americans and hispanics.

  2. I’m Spaniard and.. sorry, but we mostly doesn’t.
    There is a bit exception with the argintinian accent, some people likes it.

    It’s the same latin american people thinks about our accent 😉

  3. In Spain we have many inmigrants from Columbia Equador and other central America people, most of them not want to integrate into the Spanish culture. this is a big problem in Spain

    Frances el espanol
  4. If you want to learn spanish, go to spain, not mexico.
    The spanish are a superior culture and language in every way.
    Face it, some cultures are superior to others. The peoples of the
    americas were running around with bones in their noses cutting hearts out of
    chests for pagan sacrifices before the spaniards came and civilized them.


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