Do people in Basque Country speak Spanish and French?

I know their official language is Spanish and Basque, but do they also speak fluent French, i am going to go their but i can’t speak spanish, only French and English. Please help, thanks


  1. French is a compulsory language in Spanish schools along with English from ages 12-15

    It depends where you’re going… ?
    To the Northern Basque Country which is in France many people won’t speak Castellano… or Batua Basque

    Many people for example in Navarra, Donostia, and Irun speak French because of our location to France, getting French Television, Radio. Even going across to France to do shopping.

    But if you’re going to for example Vitoria people won’t speak any French other than what they’ve learned in School

    – But lack of language should never hinder your travels. By a Basque Phrase book and explore the whole Basque Country =]

  2. lf you refer to the greater region basque country, a part of that is in France, though the french don’t particularly recognize them any independance.
    The autonomous region basque country however is entirely in Spain. I’d say most Basques speak basque and spanish, french would be the smallest part.
    Stick to the french side of the basque country, or stay close to the border with France at least, and you should be fine.

  3. You are likely to be okay, because there are often people around that do speak English or French…being close to the French border, seeing as English speakers travel a lot. A couple of simple phrases, some sign language, and a smile will get you along while traveling.

    Of course, you MIGHT be talking about the part of the Basque country that is in France, where they speak French. You’ll find much the same situation, with the Spanish/French reversed.

    You DO know that the "BASQUE COUNTRY" is half in France, right?

  4. The official language of the Basque is Euskadi (Euskerra) which is an unique language for which no roots have been found. As most Europeans, I found a lot of multilingual Basques. During my first visit to Donostia (San Sebastian) for the International Film Festival, there was a lot of turmoil because of ETA and the fight for independence from Spain, so sometimes at bars or restaurants people would refuse to speak Spanish, but you could speak French, Italian or English. By the way, San Sebastian is heaven for food and wine enthusiasts.

    Luis V

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