Do the Basque people speak spanish/french in addition to basque?

Also what exactly is Basque? Is it a state in spain or france or what? I am having a hard time understanding what it is considered.


  1. Yes, in my town in Navarra there are more French speakers than Castellano ! around %95 I’d say speak Basque, and the rest are French with maybe %1 Castellano.

    Spanish is an offical language in my Region, but Basque is also. so they are "equal" I can visit the bank and open my account in Basque or Castellano.

    I can and do, attend my college lessons in Basque.

    Some road signs are bi-lingual, even tri closer to France. But some are also mono-lingual. Around half the roads in my town take the name Camino or Calle or a version in Castellano, while the rest take the Basque KALE (Street)

    but because Spanish is also offical, and the language of the country some people only choose to send their child to a Castellano speaking school.

    they are "equal" but only around %40 of people in Navarra speak Basque as their First language.

    — Basque is a pre-indo European language, it is related to no other.
    It was spoken in the Kingdom of Navarra which was later murged with Aragon by war, and some of it remained indepent in France until it joined France.

    we have our own Governement can pass many of our own laws. (Much like a U.S State) but we want indepence because something’s we can’t change the law on. For example Human rights. Some taxes. Sales Tax, ect.

  2. The basque country – known as Euskadi – is an autonomous community in Spain along the french border.
    There is also – Euskal Herria – which is partially in Spain and the other part is in France.

    The language is very different than either spanish or french.
    Not all basques speak the basque language, typically they are more fluent in either spanish or french depending on which side of the border they live in.
    I have a cousin who speaks french at home (her mother is from Lyon, France) but she also speaks both basque and spanish as she grew up in Euskadi.

  3. People does not speak both spanish and french. In the spanish side, they (we) can speak spanish; in the french side, french. Almost 100% of people.

    Some of us we speak basque too, in both sides, but the percent is not too high, maybe on 30% or less, but growing.

    The real use… not everybody who "can speak basque" does speak it. The "real street use" of basque in the spanish side is under 15% (much higher like 70% in the north, and next to 0% in the south). In the french side basque is still less spoken.

    PD: sorry for my poor english 🙂


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