Do these famous people speak spanish?

Pablo Picasso, Hernando de Soto, Mario Moreno, Roberto Clemente, and Federico Garcia Lorca.

Do all these people speak/spoke spanish?

Also, are they NOT all from the same profession? thanks sooo much!


  1. no they are not all from the same profession. picasso was a painter, de soto a conquistador, clemente a baseball player i think. de soto of course. as for the rest, idk. ive never even heard of Federico garcia lorca. Mario moreno i think ve heard of just i dont really remember who he is or what he did

    Billy Bob the Beaner
  2. Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Thalía, Shakira, Roselyn Sanchez, Vida Guerra, Paz Vega, Paulina Rubio, Jennifer Lopez

    I know this doesnt answer your question but oooh they are some hot ladies


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