Do they speak mexican in New Mexico as well?

why would they call it that way theN????


  1. N O. While 40% of the population of New Mexico are of Hispanic descent, the American version of English is the official language of the state.

    Why is it called New Mexico? In 1540 Spanish explorers claimed (stole) the region for Spain from the Navajo, Apache, and Ute Indian tribes. It became part of Mexico. In 1563 Francisco de Ibarra, an explorer searching the area for the "Seven Cities of Gold" described the area as a "Nuevo Mexico" (New Mexico). That name was adopted by Juan de Onate who was granted the title of first governor of the "Province of New Mexico". It has been called New Mexico since then.

  2. Mexican isnt a language. Seriously. They speak Spanish. Why is it called New Mexico? Think about it. Why is it called New England, or New York….use your brain!!!


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