Do you always have to speak spanish fast?

I’m trying to learn. i notice fluent speakers speak it so fast! could it be spoken a little slower? my friend is brazilian, he says they only understand spanish people when they speak it slowly!


  1. That’s not always the case… Spanish is a very rich language, there are at least 20 countries in which the official language is Spanish, and every country has it own particular accent and even own words… and in every country you have different variants and accents… some regions (countries, cities) speak slow… others speak fast… you can have both slow and fast speakers living in the same house!
    But you’re right… it might be because we only have 5 vowel sounds, they’re very strong and distinct so we don’t need to take it ease to differentiate the "e" in "Elephant" from the "E" in "Lawyer"…

    >>>Joy S:
    "quanto" is not a Spanish word
    Cuanto= How much
    CuanDo= When
    But anyway… good thing you like speaking Spanish.

  2. Hola hc,
    Hablo ingles y un poco de espanol y quanto hablo en ingles hablo muy rapido pero quanto hablo en espanol, hablo mas despacio.

    Hi hc,
    I speak english and a little bit of spanish and when I speak english I speak rapidly but when I speak spanish I speak much more slowly.

    That is because English is my native language. Spanish speakers do not speak faster than English speakers, it just seems like it to people who do not speak Spanish fluently. To non-english speakers we English speakers seem to speak too fast.

    Joy S
  3. Spanish sounds fast because of the short, clipped vowel sounds. They do not have the long, drawn out vowels like in English. So, even when speaking at a moderate speed, it can sound very fast. And when spoken fast, it sounds like lightning!

  4. Sometimes it depends on the country of origin of the speaker. People from PR speak fast when compared to people from Honduras or Costa Rica.

    Darth Eugene Vader

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