Do you automatically assume a Mexican from Texas can speak Spanish?

Someone just sent me a message through answers and it was in Spanish. All I could decipher was something about living in Texas.

Alls I know are dirty words, how to ask for food, and how to proposition someone for drugs.


  1. HAHAHA! I am an indian living in Texas and since I’m brown people assume I’m mexican and because I’m mexican, they assume I speak spanish.

    Alot of times hispanic people will just start talking to me in spanish!

    One time I was at a supermarket and some spanish guy was speaking to an older white lady in spanish, as I walked by, she pulled me aside and said, "What is he saying?"

    All my friends laughed..

    Styles Gagan
  2. I assumed that you at least knew a little bit of it.
    I just know the key phrases too like ‘yo necesito cerveza’ ‘Donde esta la bano?’ and ‘tango un grande salchicha’

    KK88 Backup
  3. Don’t sell yourself short, my love.

    If you know dirty words AND how to proposition someone for drugs, surely you also know how to proposition someone for a quick sexing?


    Guido McWhoreFace

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