do you find it hard to understand a native spanish speaker when the speak spanish?

do they speak to fast or use words you have never heard of.


  1. Well Im Mexican and I speak fluent spanish, but I took a spanish class two years ago because I thought it would be an easy A. A lot of what they teach, is just the basic stuff. Fluent speakers, just like fluent english speakers, use slang. So in that case, yes I can see how there would be words people have never heard of. And over time, speed just increases I guess.

  2. it can be very hard when u only know english…but some words do sound the same as english words.

    but to mii is not hard only because i know spanish

    maricelys g
  3. Only when they speak in slang or spanglish.I have noticed that many native spanish speakers who grew up in the US and didn’t learn how to write it do not know when to use different tenses or why they use one over the other.I have also noticed that they don’t write or use accents very well either.I remember my spanish speaking friend walked around saying and spelling el pader for wall when it is actually spelled la pared.Many natives in the advanced classes got less than A’s or B’s in something they thought they’d pass with flying colors.

    I detest spanglish bc it butchers spanish and I wish they taught some slang in classes.I know some slang bc I worked in a mexican rr and my bf is mexican, but i would still like to know exactly what I am saying.Mexicans use slang often.


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